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Server details

  • 12 player server
  • 768Mb RAM
  • Survival mode
  • Vanilla Minecraft 1.7.4

Minecraft multiplayer config

The server is set up to allow access to certain players only so please send me your username if you want to be granted access. (@kraminator is best, email works too).

Mumble server

Address and port: 64648

If you haven’t tried it before, Mumble is a great chat low-latency, high quality voice chat client. Download link.


I generate a map of the server every so often and it can be found at It’s more interesting to only have the starting areas mapped, and it saves me uploading and hosting (map files can become huge), so a small crop around the spawn point is presented so you can navigate far enough to burn my house down and steal all of my possessions and ride away on my diamond armoured horse.

I make regular backups.

The map of the old server is on there too - switch to Hyrule at the top left.


If you’re new to the game I’d recommend the wiki, specifically the beginner’s guide and crafting (the recipe list).

You can download a demo of the game here.

Lastly - my convention torches go on the right as you’re heading away from the mine entrance, meaning if you’re lost if you keep torches on your left you end up home.