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27 Oct 2013
Graduate job hunting

//work in progress//

Here are a few resources that might be useful for those looking for work, along with comments on their utility. This is written from the perspective of a science graduate with a background in the philosophy of science, interested in tech jobs and anything to do with science, preferably at a high level (funding, ethics, journals).

Recruitment sites

  • Indeed. The site I most frequently use. Clean interface, useful search results, succinct daily emails for keyword / area restricted new results. One flaw is that the salaries often aren’t listed immediately (unlike some sites which are more consistent in this).
  • totaljobs
  • Guardian Jobs
  • Prospects
  • Graduate Jobs
  • Milkround
  • Monster. I didn’t find Monster that useful in finding jobs that interested me, but it’s custom RSS features1 are very useful for assessing what the market looks like for an area: how many of each kinds of job are being advertised on there for a specific area or keywords and for the kinds of salaries and perks there are. By using an RSS reader like Feedly or NewsBlur.2
  • Nature Jobs


Some big companies don’t use job boards and instead only want candidates that come to them. Here’s a list of some organisations which tend to attract people because of what they are. Obviously these particular companies are fairly arbitrary, mileage will vary drastically.

Grad schemes

Schemes linked to with starting salaries, requirements and the official tagline.

Other resources

Whatever you end up looking for, good luck with your application!

  1. Finding RSS feeds on Monster can be tricky. There are not feeds per search term but there are feeds as part of the “Browse jobs by” functionality which allows you to filter by keyword (essentially, the function of the search feature). So, if you were looking for part time waiting jobs in the Midlands you could set up an RSS feed which you can check for each posting in the rather than be constantly alerted by clicking the RSS feed symbol and subscribing to that. 

  2. My post Google-Reader-ocalypse solution is Newsblur as the back end for Readkit, or Newsblur’s mobile app. Both NewsBlur and Readkit are in active development in addition to working pretty damn well already. 

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